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Football Betting Essentials

Before you delve into the lucrative business of football betting, there are some essential details you must get hold of. Now, when we talk about football betting tips that are very necessary for prospective punters, we are referring to punters who wish to enjoy success in this endeavor.

The most important thing to bear in mind whenever you are delving into his area is that you cannot avoid losing money. Here, the most important thing is not your huge knowledge of sports or huge knowledge of the game of soccer. This is because the sportsbooks are full of people with extensive knowledge of the games, and they set their football betting odds and values based on this knowledge. That is to say that it will be practically impossible for you to find value in the markets if you work according to your knowledge of the game.

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The thing that works for the people that succeed in football betting predictions is the ability to search for the values wherever they exist and wager on them. To be able to do this, there are some basic punting skills and understanding that one will need. One will also have to understand the bookmakers and how they think in order to be able to maneuver them. This learning process and football betting skill acquisition is something that happens on the job. So, you have to start making use of football betting systems, and wagering small amounts of money on a few games, so you can learn the necessary lessons. The first free football betting tips from us is to learn the basic concepts and terms used in soccer wagering and master them.

Merits and Demerits of Football Betting

Betting on football comes with its good and bad sides. Some of the advantages are listed below.

Merits and Demerits of Football Betting by
  • ● Winnings from the exercise are completely tax free in some areas, especially when the type of market is points spread.
  • ● This is one of the investments that you make with a very small amount, only to gain a very huge amount in return. However, this is only when you win your betting on football, since many do lose theirs.
  • ● There are even some cost free betting, and here, I mean people can wager without a dime and still win huge. Free football wagers could be achieved through the bonuses, promos and many other avenues.
  • ● The broker commission could also be saved in football betting too. This could be achieved through the system of spread.
  • ● Another advantage of betting on football is that the opportunities therein are so numerous. The fact that thousands of football games happen in the world every day, makes the opportunity to make money so numerous.
  • ● The next advantage is that the game enjoys huge publicity and extensive coverage. So, information about the players, coaches, teams, their formation, form, tactics and other things are always on the open. The more you know about football teams and games, the more likely you will make good wagers.


It is very easy for people to spend huge amounts of money on football punting. The meaning of this is that even people who don’t know anything about the game, but are obsessed with football betting can wager lump sums without proper predictions and considerations.

Football betting can turn out to be time consuming. For you to be successful here, you have to spend a lot of time on the football betting systems, reading the odds, checking player and team forms, and tactics, records, etc.

The next is that football games cannot be predicted. There are no absolutely predictable games because upsets happen every other day. So, there’s always probability you’ll place the wrong bet.

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How to Bet on Football

There are actually many ways of betting on football games, and you can make use of any of them depending on your location, and the availability of the methods.

Football Bets by

1. Online betting shops

The first and most popular is the online betting shops. This is the method to enjoy the best football bets today because of its numerous advantages like convenience, accessibility, fast and easy wagering, and a huge collection of games and markets. Thousands of websites abound for this type of soccer wagering.

2. Telephone Betting

This is another method that allows you to make your soccer bet in a convenient manner. Here, you just call them on phone, tell the operator the odds you prefer, and drop your credit card details or your preferred payment method for them to confirm. It is the closest to online football betting in convenience.

3. Bookmaking Shops

This involves physical shops where some of the best football bets could be placed. You walk into the shops, and over the counter, you will see the operator with his computer set and some TV sets showing the games. Wager on the games you wish and they will offer you a ticket print out as evidence.

4. Casino Sportsbooks

This is another way to enjoy football betting. There are sportsbooks inside most of the casino houses. Here, you will see the cashiers where you can wager on games, with the live sports actions playing on the big screens around.

There are some essential types of bets in euro football betting.

The most popular among them is the Match Result wagers. This involves the result of the game after the 90 minutes of action. It is the place that anyone who intends to learn how to bet on football must start. Here, you have the win, lose or draw football betting markets.

Varieties of Football Bets by

The next is the Accumulator Market. This involves bringing many games and different predictions on their outcome in a single football wager. Here, you predict the outcome of all these games and they all count to make up for the final football odds.

There is also a Total Goals type of market, where you predict the possible number of goals to be scored or not to be scored in the game. It comes with different variations like 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, and so on, and you wager over or under the numbers.

Correct Score is where your football betting prediction is on the exact number of goals to be scored.

There also the Half Time/ Full Time market which centers on the results of the game at half time and full time on the same casino online australia bet.

There are also Goal Scorer options, the number of substitutions to be made, and number of throwing, the time to encounter these things, and many others.

Draw No Bet is when you wager that the match will not end in a draw. It could end in favor of any of the teams, but not a draw.

If you are new to football betting, you have to adhere to the following football betting tips for beginners. First of all, determine what you are looking for here. Do you want to bet football for fun or because you intend making money from it?

Betting Tips for Beginners by

Start by setting a limit. Set out the amount you can wager in any game, in a day, in a week, and in a month, and don’t exceed it. The advice is to always bet an amount you can easily forfeit, because you must consider the fact that you may lose.

Do not get into football betting based on your personal bias. That you like a team and their playing pattern does not mean they will win. Most times, we use our football bets to express support for our favorite teams.

This is very wrong, and you will lose if you do this.

You should watch plenty of games if you intend to succeed in football betting. This way, you will have firsthand information about the discipline, fitness, attitude, quality, form and other things about the team that will help you make informed decisions on their possible performance.

When researching, you should use many resources and sources. Some may have conflicting information about teams and players. But when you read wide, you will know the real ones.

You should only engage in betting on football for the right reasons. The only right reason for football betting is value. Only wager on games when you find real value in them.

You should also record all wagers you make. With this, you will know if the football betting odds are favoring you or not.

Football Betting by

There are some common football betting mistakes you must avoid to succeed.

Avoid misunderstanding the football betting values placed on football betting odds. The concept of high odds being good value against low odds is very wrong and detrimental. Avoid it and seek deeper understanding of values.

Do not bet with emotions. The fact that many people betting on football are fans should not make them to follow their heart instead of their head. This could spell football betting doom.

Do not follow the crowd. The crowd could be very wrong in football betting, and that is why upsets are there. Read, understand and do your own football betting predictions and avoid hanging with the crowd.

Do not be a lazy punter. Make sure all the necessary information about each game is considered before you wager.

Do not leave out any of the key factors when considering games.

Do not ignore the alternative betting options available.

Do not wager on the wrong betting sites.

Never trust the pundits out there. You may be better than them.

Never stick to a system that has been losing for some time.