How to Bet Over Under Correctly

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Most novice players like to bet on the winner, more advanced betters use a variety of bet types. The main plus of variable types of betting for a player is the ability to minimize risks.

One of these stakes is the over under bet or goal line bet. Let's try to figure out what over under betting is and how it works.

Over under betting is a bet on the number of points, goals, in the match. That is, the player makes a prediction on how many goals will be scored per match. But the important point is that this bet is not on the exact amount of goals, but on certain limits of this quantity.

Goal line betting is very popular at bookies. A score in football or hockey is usually within certain limits, although not without surprises. Therefore, having experience and deep knowledge in this sport, over under betting can and should be used.

Variety in Over Under Betting

The most popular type of goal line betting is, of course, on football. This particular sport attracts the most players, hence the variety of options is great. The better can put on the total number of goals starting from 1.5 and up to several multiples. The standard types of total in football is over or under 2.5 goals. However, the bookies can sometimes even offer a total of 4.5 goals for a particular match. This betting type is applied to predict the number of goals, while in American football the number of points is predicted.

How to Bet Over Under

If you are interested in how to apply over under betting system, you need to do some research first. You are to look through the history, previous meetings of the teams, form of the players now, trends. These are one of the aspects that influence the performance of the team and the goals scored as a result.

Knowing these factors, you can try to predict the possible outcome of the match and choose the odds offered by bookmakers in a great variety that satisfy you. It is always possible to bet over or under.

For instance, the football match between Chelsea and Manchester United. Bookies give the standard type of total for this match - total under 2.5 goals and total over 2.5 goals.

To play an under bet, it is necessary that less than 3 goals are scored in the match. If the teams end with 3 or more goals, you lost.

A reverse example with an over bet. In such a match, 3 or more goals must be scored by both teams. It does not matter what kind of score it is: 3: 0, 3: 1, 2: 2, 1: 2, 2: 1, 0: 3, etc. In any case, such a bet will play. If the match is scored less than 3 goals, your bet lost.

As to the odds offered by the bookies for this match, they can look as follows:

  • ● Over 2.5 goals @1.95
  • ● Under 2.5 goals @2.05

The US bookies will offer odds for the match between Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots for example, which will have the following format:

  • ● 45.5 o -108
  • ● 45.5 u +104

This means that the bookmakers offer odds on the total points to be over or under 45.5. If you want to win £100, you are to risk £108 and with the under 45.5 bet you are to wager £104.

Asian Handicap Betting

How to Apply Football Over Under Strategy

Strategies are widely used to attract profit among visitors to betting shops. They allow you to make calculations, analyze, predict the chances of success and the probability of an event.

There is also a group of strategies that are great for such sport as football. But do not think that the strategy will do everything for you. Of course, there are always risks. Strategic rules will only help increase your chances of winning.

Over Under 2.5 Goals Strategy

You need to analyze the recent meetings of the teams and the goals scored in them.

Over Under 1.5 Goals Strategy

Such offers are possible in the match of two teams competing for form in the offensive areas. It is worth paying attention to the strong home team struggling with a poor away team.

Over Under 0.5 Goals Strategy

Be careful with this strategy, as it is very difficult to succeed with it. Only in case both team are highly defensive you can try to apply it.

How to Bet Over Under on Basketball

In basketball you bet on the total points scored by the teams. But the mechanics remains the same. You need to analyze the history of the performance of the teams, form of the players and pay special attention to the form of the best players. If you did the home task, you are free to search for the best odds offered on the market.

How to Bet Over Under on Tennis

If with sports, where the total bet anticipates the number of goals scored, everything should be already clear, then what is the over under bet on tennis? In tennis, the total is bet on the number of games or sets in the match. Important aspects here are the strength of the server and the quality of the competition.

If the server is big, there can be more matches even in the case of losing the game. The second case is high-ranking opposition, which can also increase the number of games. This is one of the strategies applied for over under betting on tennis.

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