See Why Over/Under Bets are a Market Favourite

Articles See Why Over/Under Bets are a Market Favourite

After the single bet, over/under betting is one of the most popular types of sports wager. These reward bettors who don’t have an emotional allegiance to a team. These bets benefit the punter who can make the most of the data available on offensive and defensive capabilities and connect the dots between the two.

Goal Line Betting Explained

Over/under bets are especially popular with football: final scores on either side are almost always guaranteed not to hit double figures, so the point spread isn’t nearly as diffuse as a sport like cricket or rugby. Football punters can make wagers on a goal total from as little as 1.5, with the chances to go many multiples further. For some games, the median total to bet against can rise to as much as 4.5.

The Workings of Over/Under Betting

The more research a punter puts into this market, the higher the likelihood they have of making a profit. One of the reasons this continues to be such a popular market is that it’s a form of betting where analysing statistics pays off the most. Factors such as past encounters, current form, injury stats and player performance can all be utilized to make the most informed bet possible. Another appealing fact about over/under bets is that if the bet is put on a over/under for 2.5, for example, the decimal factor eliminates the chance for a loss on an adjacent tie value. In the event of a draw, a bettor will get their stake back. This is a real dividend on a market as specific as over/under.

Betting Explained

Over/Under Betting Strategies

One of the times you can benefit from seizing the market here is by launching on a match where the two teams are heavily mismatched (at least in the bookmakers’ estimations). When you have incredibly short odds on the favourite to win, you can up your profit margin on a near cert by placing your stake on a sufficiently high goal over bet. In soccer, there are a few milestone goal value bets than can at the very least provide you a gateway for familiarising yourself with this bet type. A 2.5 approach lets you level a solid yet realistic bet line on a fixture. 1.5 should be reserved for slightly less mismatched sides. A 0.5 bet is a tricky proposition: the difference is almost so negligible as to equate to a single bet. However, it’s not inconceivable that two teams will face each other where this bet value could still be appropriate. This betting format can also be successfully applied to further sports, such as basketball and tennis in particular.

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