The Hard Facts About Patent Bets

Articles The Hard Facts About Patent Bets

A patent bet refers to a strategy where bettors unite multiple selections of differing odds within one bet slip. It’s risky, but can render big rewards, and takes into account betting types such as doubles, trebles, and further accumulator values. As a combination of single picks, it’s statistically the safest accumulator on the market.

Patent Bets Explained

A patent bet actually has seven components to itself, which in turn inflates the size of the stake. With a patent bet, you can convert a single bet of £7 to 7x£1 bets, which statistically ensure you a likelihood of more successful picks. As an example, imagine a weekend where Juventus, Chelsea and Real Madrid are all competing, and that the odds on each team to win are 2/1. You could spread the bet permutations on the outcomes in the following way:

  • Double bets - Chelsea and Real Madrid, Chelsea and Juventus, Real Madrid and Juventus.
  • Single treble - Real Madrid, Chelsea and Juventus.
  • Single bet - Juventus, Real Madrid and Chelsea.

The thing to note here is that you’re focusing on the amount of single bet possibilities that don’t depend on the outcomes of adjacent wagers. Losing one of the three bets would be a knock to your bankroll. However, the system in theory should offer you enough of a return if even one of your bets come through to offset your losses.

Patent Bets: Practical Applications

The best markets for patent bets revolve around horse racing, where the odds on each pick will hold more profit than in other sports. Even the favourite in a given race will have comparatively long odds. This expands the return potential by capitalising on sports where you have to struggle to find near certs. It’s even found favour in football betting on occasion. Sports where there are solid favourites tend not to benefit from this system, however. If you’re trying to employ this strategy against football markets, the safest bets to take are total goals or both teams to score, as these tend to give up better odds than the 1x2 market.

Patent Bets

The Workings Behind a Patent Bet

The patent bet succeeds from pick to pick. You need a pick to win for the rest of the bet to progress. There’s always the option to go each way on a patent, which helps secure the value of the treble. This way, you should still get a return regardless of conflicting results on the majority of your picks, albeit at much lower odds. This approach can still keep the total of your betting slip on track.

Placing a Patent Bet

Any respectable bookmaker will offer you action on multiple selections. As soon as three picks appear on your bet slip, you should receive the option to convert to a patent. From there you’ll be able to choose the arrangement your most comfortable with. You’ll also be able to assign each way wagers. The patent strategy is only growing in popularity over time, and you can expect all the best bookmakers to accommodate this kind of bet.

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